This isn't about stale posing. This is about authentic, real deal moments.

Here at White Buffalo Weddings we have photographed a ton of weddings in the Austin, Texas area. The key focus every time has to been capture true and authentic moments that our couples can look back on and cherish for the rest of their life and pass down to their children. We want to document these moments as if we are your families historian, creating a visual masterpiece that beautifully displays your wedding day and the bonding of your families. Detail shots are amazing and they have their place, but wouldn’t you value and cherish a photo of a tear rolling down your grand parents cheek as you had your first kiss? How about Dad trying to hold back the emotions of seeing his baby girl grow up right before his eyes as he hands you off? Lastly, think of moms face as she’s held tight against you for your first dance and she’s telling you in your ear how proud and happy she is of you. These are those authentic moments that we want to capture for your family.

Your wedding is more than just a day to me. You are more than just clients, you’re my friends who I want to see grow and have an amazing future together! I’m more than just some vendor thats showing up, I’m that guy thats going to go grab you a drink if you need it, organize the day if time slips away, I’m the guy thats going to cheer you on and tell you DAMNNNNNNN y’all looking fineeeee right now in these pictures. My job is more than being a photographer, I’m here to ease the stress of a wedding day and make it as easy and as memorable as possible.


If you are looking for someone to capture 200 photos of your shoes and plants around the venue you might have the wrong guy. Those photos are great and have their place, but I’d rather spend the time you invested into me capturing true emotions in the moment that you may have missed so that you can look back on them and see the full story of your wedding day.


Click the images below to view some of our favorite photography from Austin, Texas. Our goal is to create impactful photographs that blend emotion, creativity, and artistry for a truly differentiated end product and experience.

Stalk Me


The easiest way to always stay connected is through my instagram and my blog. I try to post as often as possible to share the amazing moments that I am so fortunate to have been asked to captured. My couples mean everything to me and without them who knows where I would be.


- How long have you been a photographer?

- Where are you based out of? Do couples ever travel to you for shoots?

- How many weddings do you take per year?

- I have been a photographer for 6 years and specifically weddings for the past 3.

- I am currently based out of Austin Texas. I have had so many couples from out of state.

- I am currently only taking 15 weddings this year to give more of my time and focus to the couples that I do work with. I want to give everything I have to those who put their faith in my vision.

- How many images do you include?

- What is your turnaround time?

- Can you photoshop us?

- Every wedding is different but to make it short and sweet around 100 images / hr

- The one thing I try to focus on is getting images back quick so that it is still fresh in your mind. The typical turnaround time for me is 2-3 weeks. ( The average turnaround time for most photographers is 30-90 days )

- You don't need photoshop!! However every single image that you get back is hand edited by me in my style. I got you, don't even worry about it!

- What happens if you can’t make it to our wedding?

- What if there’s bad weather?

- Do you help in the planning process?

- I have never not shown up to one of my weddings and thats after shooting over 100+!! However I do always have photographers that are able to take my spot that shoot in my style and the final images are still edited and delivered by my hand!

- The show must go on!

- I try to help in anyway possible. If that means creating and guiding you through a basic time line then I am more than happy to do that. I've done hundreds of these so I might know a thing or two ;) .

- What is required to book?

- Do you offer discounts?

- What's your pricing?

- A non-refundable 50% deposit is due + the signed contract is needed to reserver your date.

- I do not, I try to structure my packages to fit your specific needs. I walk you through the entire process from start to finish to really understand what it is that you envision for your wedding.

- Weddings start at $2800 + Portrait sessions at $600 for more information and building your specific package please email me!