Meet Matthew

With years of professional experience, my photographic journey ranges from wedding and travel photography to fashion editorial work. I use many techniques to capture my photos but all with one goal in mind. That goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible while documenting real and authentic moments that you can treasure for years to come.

Now that we got the professional stuff out of the way, lets get real for a second. I was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1991 ( ok, I’m getting old ) into an area that doesn’t really encourage artistic futures. To be honest, I never had any ambitions to get into photography because it just wasn’t something that was feasible financially. Where I lived you worked a traditional nine to five or you got caught up in the other kinds of work that aren’t exactly legal. I know this probably isn’t the traditional profile that you read from photographers you are looking at but I think it plays an important part into why this is so important for me, so I’ll continue. As you can imagine growing up in such a place there are not many weddings, so I went my entire life almost never going to a single one. Couple that with growing up in a broken family and you might wonder how I got into this industry. Well fast forward to 2014 and that is when i spent all my savings on my first camera. I spent two months eating rice and mac n cheese just to get it! I spent an entire year photographing every single day and watching countless hours to the point of my camera becoming an extension of myself. It was then at the beginning of 2015 I was asked to photograph my first wedding. Up until that point I had still never even been to a wedding, letting the couple know and being completely transparent they agreed to still let me take the photos. The 8 hours I spent at that wedding changed my life forever, I had finally found something that brought me true fulfillment. Even typing it out now I still feel all the emotions of that day welling up inside of me. I remember coming home, looking through the thousands of photos and tears rolling down my cheeks because I could remember every moment. From that day forward I have devoted every minute to becoming the best wedding photographer I can and delivering an experience to my couples that they will truly remember. I want the moments that I photograph to be a vivid memory that can be relived forever.

I truly have the best job in the entire world and feel so incredibly blessed to do this for a living. Deciding to spend your life with the one you love is a BIG deal and I believe that your wedding photos should be timeless, authentic, filled with joy, and created with love.”

Alex + Zach

FABULOUS!!! Pictures were amazing and working with Matt was just perfect. Best part was we didn’t have to wait weeks for our pictures. Matt had our pictures to us super fast after our wedding. Matt is top notch and so glad we had him to capture our special day.