Matthew R. Stegall

Not your ordinary third wheel.
Internationally published wedding and portrait photographer based out of Austin Texas.
Coffee.Pizza.Spontaneous Road Trips.

About me

I’m a full-time wedding photographer currently based out of a weird place called Austin. My girlfriend Stephanie and I have been together now for over 4 years! I’m not sure what she sees in me but man am I so lucky to have her in my life. What can I say, I love well… Love. I’m a full time wedding photographer, that pretty much says it all by itself haha. My couples literally mean the world to me, without you where would I even be? I’m not that great about talking about myself so this is kind of difficult for me ( as you can probably tell ).

Let me take you to the beginning where everything kind of started for me and maybe you can get an idea of why I am who I am and why I never take my job and opportunity for granted..